We continuously refine our approach
to delivering successful digital services.

Our vision

The world of civic technology is wide and complex.

It’s often a substantial adjustment for folks who haven’t previously done government work. Here are a few of our strongly held beliefs about succeeding as technologists in government:

Think in systems

Our work often affects technology, policy, and people, and most of what we do has second-order effects. If we strive to understand and predict the effects of an intervention on the whole system, we have a better handle on our impact. We remain focused on our piece of the puzzle, but we avoid silos and don’t shy away from the big picture.

Build bridges, not just tech

As technologists working in government, our backgrounds can often be different from the folks we interact with. The relationships we build - with our clients, with partner companies, and with government folks once or twice removed from our direct stakeholders - give us the ability to continue to grow and scale our impact over the long-term. We take the extra step to understand the perspective of folks with different backgrounds or prior experience than ours.

Advocate for the public interest

We strive to center the public interest in our thinking. When shaping complex government systems, it’s easy to miss the forest for the trees. If the public interest perspective is missing in the conversation, we go out of our way to respectfully add it.

Compromise is vital

We bring healthy idealism to the table, but are unafraid to compromise in order to move forward. We believe in incremental, repeatable progress over the long run, and we celebrate the small and medium sized wins as well as the large ones.

Balance is mission-critical

Mission-oriented work too often leads to burnout and exhaustion. We build technology to build public trust, but keeping levity and humanity at the core of our work is key to longevity. We do our best to be cognizant of the balance that’s necessary to be around for the long term.

a little bit of history

Verdance was founded after nearly a decade of civic tech experience.

In prior roles, members of our team helped rebuild HealthCare.gov, helped start the first digital service office in Congress, and worked in private sector tech unicorns, giants, and startups. We’ve seen the civic tech movement grow over the last ten years - and the need remains strong for mission-aligned, talent-driven firms that help government agencies with the upper echelon of technology issues.

Founded in 2021